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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many Hollywoodesque ideas of what therapy is. The way that I see psychotherapy is as an initiation to gaining a deeper sense of who you are as a person in the world and in your own body. That means that our time together will be like that of stepping into a thick forest. The forest in this metaphor is your psyche. It is your forest. My job will be like that of a guide, to help you understand how to navigate unknown territory. The first several sessions are mainly to get to know each other, to situate ourselves in your life, your history and your current context. From there we can begin the work of untangling the qualities that are not readily seen by the naked eye.
From my perspective, therapy is more of a practice than a medical treatment. If we compare it to another health-related routine, we could ask: how many gym visits will it take to stay fit? By no means am I implying that you should be paying for therapy your entire life. However, increasing self awareness and having the correct tools to navigate one’s emotional life takes practice and it takes patience; it is far from a linear process. I encourage us to talk about the kind of practice you’re seeking and how we could create a routine that helps you maintain consistency without overspending.

The short answer is no. Working with women is a deep interest of mine that I continue to practice and feel very passionate about. In fact, most of the individuals that are attracted to mental health topics tend to be women; it never ceases to be a pleasure to work with them either individually or in group

Moreover, throughout my training, I began to notice the male population was a minority. The guidance and stories we receive about how to be a person in the world can be profound, life-changing, indispensable. Hence, where were the men? Over the years, I began to feel an important need to open up a space where men can express themselves without judgment. I am not here to focus on our differences, but I wouldn’t ignore them either. I am here to offer support in a moment in time that deserves attention, care and truth. 

To better serve you in a manner that is unique and tailored to your needs, I do not take insurance. Please visit the Pricing section of my website for more details. Together we can decide the frequency of such sessions in order to tend to your presenting concerns without losing sight of any budgetary limits. 

Not at all. I would love to open the door for us to speak frankly about what you want, what you need and if we’re the right fit for each other. I offer a complimentary 15 minutes phone consultation for you to make sure you feel comfortable with your decision. No hard feelings.