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I am honored to continue to publish my work on Literal after over 10 year of collaboration. Here, you will find texts that present a mix of reviews, interviews and personal pieces. You may notice a trend that shifts from an artistic lens to a counseling perspective. In the words of Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do.”


The Inner Lives of Men (2022)

Qualitative Research Study

Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung first coined the term anima to grasp men’s inner experience. He defined anima as the soul-image of a man and saw it as an archetype, or blueprint, of the human psyche. In recent years, much of the literature around men’s issues focuses heavily on sexuality, violence, and a fear or rejection of feminine values. With anima being historically tied to feminine traits, there is a scarcity of research that offers insight into such fear of femininity or into men’s inner experience as a while in a 21st century context. This heuristic inquiry explores men’s inner experience with anima through semi-formal interviews with men over the age of 18. Moreover, the methodology of heuristic inquiry allows this study to create a flexible space for subjective perspectives that are essential to the expression of anima. As our culture moves in the direction of social justice and inclusion, mental health practitioners may find it meaningful to bring men into the collective conversations about empathy and acceptance through a deeper understanding of men’s anima.

Book Publication

Ensoulment (2017)

An Exploration of the Feminine Principle in Western Culture

A few years after completing the documentary, I was left with important material that was unable to include on the screen. This anthology presents the complete interviews from the film as well as additional experts who formed part of my theoretical understanding of the feminine. Personal commentaries weave the reader in and out of each conversation which echoes a memoir of the making of Ensoulment.

Documentary Film

Ensoulment (2013)

A Diverse Analysis of the Feminine in Western Culture

“A wise woman once asked, ‘When there is no judgment present, what is alive in you? What wants to be lived inside of you?'” This feature documentary portrays a road to self discovery through the tangles of Jungian theory, cultural narratives and personal intuition. An internationally award-winning film that screened across multiple countries and numerous cities.

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