Therapy for Anger

Anger: Misunderstood Emotion

Anger can be a very misunderstood emotion, especially when we find it in men. Anger sits at the root of multiple feelings such as frustration, irritability, avoidance and even as people pleasing (amongst other responses). Truthfully, anger is a message that signals action against something. It is protective in nature; it indicates that boundaries have been crossed. This is a feeling that is not meant to be kept inside. Its very purpose is to motivate you into action. Nevertheless, anger has a bad reputation because it feels as if, once unleashed, it has direct access to violence.

When Anger Builds Up

Because of higher levels in testosterone, men are more prone to act on their anger. However, many men feel uneasy to express their anger or find it hard to find receptive listeners, leading them to hold it in, hoping it will just vanish over time. Unfortunately, without having appropriate channels to express one’s anger, it builds up. Unexpressed anger has the tendency to negatively affect your mental and emotional state, leading into symptoms of depression, anxiety or other unwanted and confusing experiences.

Explosive Anger

Needless to say, many men do not have the problem of holding their anger back too tightly, rather it is the opposite issue. In these cases, anger slowly becomes part of one’s identity. Having a “short fuse” may be a familiar phrase. In these situations, even though anger may be getting out of one’s system, it is not well received. A snowball effect can produce when our voices are unacknowledged or consistently discarded. We only get louder. The work is in practicing new ways of communication to convey clear boundaries without losing important relationships.

Where to Begin

Consciously or not, everyone has undergone feelings of anger through its various expressions. Therapy can help the process of beginning to understand where anger comes from and what it is asking from you. If you’re ready to begin this conversation, please contact me to schedule a 15-minute free consultation. I look forward to learning more about you.